Tuned In Guitar Lessons

Call today for a FREE introductory guitar lesson and see how Richard is committed to helping you set and reach your guitar playing goals. Get ready to join a community of guitar players from Miami, FL 33183 who are just like yourself.

Welcome to Tuned In Guitar Lessons

I am very excited to begin working with you, and it is my mission to help you grow as a guitar player. By beginning guitar lessons with me, I know that you are serious about your musical aspirations and I will use all of my knowledge, resources and experience to help you reach your goals! So first, Congratulations! You have taken a huge step in the right direction.

But what do I need from you? All I need is your sincere loyalty and engagement in committing to your success. 


Learning the guitar is not a short 2-3 or 6-10 month learning process, it is a long-term growth process. You will need to grow into a guitarist, overnight success is just not the reality. The #1 deciding factor though on how fast you will progress will be your commitment to regular practicing. I am right here to help you make rapid growth this year, and continue to make rapid growth in the years that follow.

Are you ready to begin?

After our first evaluation lesson, I begin designing an outline to help you reach your goals and will continue developing a specialized strategy that pertains to your specific wants and needs. It is important for you to remember that you will be learning alongside other students throughout this program, and you will want to be sure to focus on their strengths and weaknesses as well as your own, because this is an essential part of your own personal learning and development. I strongly encourage you pay close attention to problems that fellow students may encounter, because you too may experience these same issues and you will learn how to overcome similar problems with less of the "trial and error" approach. Don't be afraid to talk with your peers and take advantage of all training offered.  

Now that you are my student, you have received your student account page & login. This is entirely for your benefit and is also a crucial part of your growth as a guitar player. I feel confident in telling you that there are very little (if any) local guitar teachers who track their student's progress in this manner. You are one lucky person! Here are some benefits of using your student account & why it is important for you to do so.

  1. You will see a recap of your lesson - Not everyone has a great memory & sometimes you may forget things covered during our lessons. With your student account, the likeliness of this happening is decreased greatly.

  2. You will progress faster - Students who log onto their account and track their practice time with the practice log have proven to learn faster than students who do not use their account or track their practice time. Start off on the right foot and use these tools to your advantage.

  3. Access to Digital Sheet Music & Audio Files - Most people learn best by hearing, seeing and doing. With my digital sheet music, you now will be able to learn your songs in these 3 vital learning methods. Also, when you get a song that you aren't familiar with, you will have a recording of what the song should sound like. This will help you immensely while practicing to be sure you are playing correctly.

  4. Access to pdf's - For certain exercises or lessons, there may be accompanying pdf files that you will need to either read or print to use during your practice routines. They will be just a click away.

  5. Access to drum tracks - Once you reach the level of practicing along with a drum track, a green button will appear on your page where you will have access to a metronome and various drum tracks so you are able to practice your rhythm and timing effectively.

  6. Access to videos - Some lessons will be delivered via video & Digital Sheet Music. Maybe at times I will upload a video lesson for you to fully understand a new concept or a technique that is learned better by watching. You will now be able to repeat this video as many times as you like until you are able to master the new technique, and you will see exactly how I play it (fingers used, strumming patterns, picking patterns etc).

  7. What happens if I withdrawal? - If at some point in time you need to withdrawal from lessons, your student account will be deactivated, but the account will be saved for a period of 6 months. This will allow you to reactivate the account at a later date and pick up where you left off. After 6 months of no activity the account will be deleted.

6-String Authority Training Week

Teaching” is only one part of your membership at Tuned In Guitar Lessons.

Training” is an integral part of your success and now that you are a member, you now have full access every month to the 6-String Authority Training Week.

  • There are no normal lessons on Training Weeks

  • Gain complete control over your instrument through exclusive Member ONLY training!

  • 6 Hours of supervised guitar training which will occur on the following dates and times as listed in the training week schedule. (Click Here For The Training Week Schedule).

    • Monday at 7-9 (Early Beginner Training Session)

    • Tuesday at 7-9 (Late Beginner/Intermediate Training Session)

    • Thursday at 7-9 (Improvisation/Implementation Session)

Please Note: Early Beginner students may only attend the Monday training session. Once you reach the Late Beginner level, I will give you access to the Tuesday & Thursday training sessions as well, providing you with a total of 6 hours of training.

You are strongly encouraged to take FULL advantage of all hours offered for your current level during the 6-String Authority Training Week. This training will replace the lesson that falls on the same week and will provide you rapid growth in a fun learning environment where you will be surrounded by other guitarists all working toward similar goals. If you are looking for motivation to practice or find yourself getting distracted at home, THIS is where you need to come to receive huge value in your practicing and development. 

Just so you understand - Once you reach the Late Beginner/Intermediate level, you are allowed to attend ALL 6 HOURS of training every month, at NO ADDITIONAL COST. You may come to any time slot you prefer. If you don't have time to attend all 6 hours, then you are welcome to attend as many sessions as your schedule allows.

All of my programs and training offers are designed to give you massive results, and I sincerely want to see you succeed. Now that we are going to be working together, get ready to finally experience the feeling of becoming a musician!

Your Teacher & Trainer -

Richard Freeman


P.S. If you need to ask me any additional questions, please contact me at tunedinguitarlessons@gmail.com