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How Good Guitar Teachers Get Better Results For Their Students

You want to get the absolute best results from guitar lessons right? Of course you do! So, don’t waste your time and money taking lessons from a guitar teacher who teaches in an ineffective manner. Remember, one of the biggest factors for success in your guitar playing is the teacher you learn from. To help you find the best guitar lessons, here is a small list of ways good teachers get the best results for their students:

Offering Group Teaching Lesson Formats

  • It’s a myth that one on one private lessons are the best way to learn guitar and become a better player. Fact is, you learn many things from group lessons that you would never learn working privately with your teacher. An experienced guitar teacher understands this, and this is why the best ones offer group formats.

  • When you learn guitar with a group, you gain all the benefits of learning privately, plus many additional growing opportunities. Working in groups helps you overcome the fear of playing in front of others (something many people struggle with), learn how to improvise in a musical setting and gain motivation to improve through a positive competitive environment. 

Teaching Based On Your Specific Musical Goals

  • The best guitar teachers are all goal-minded individuals. If you aren’t working to reach specific goals in your guitar playing, chances are you are making much progress overall. Having goals and reaching them is not only a motivating experience that keeps you practicing and wanting to learn more... it also helps you achieve very specific skills that help you become the guitarist you want to be. You’ll also find that once you reach some of the goals you had when you first began playing, new doors open up and you begin pursuing bigger, greater things with guitar.

 If you are currently working with a guitar teacher who doesn’t have a specific plan to help you reach your musical goals, it’s time to find someone who will. Guitar teachers who DO teach with a goal-oriented approach get the best results because they understand how to get you from point A to point B in your playing no matter what your playing level is currently. 

Showing You How To Practice Guitar Effectively At Home

  • Another key skill for any guitar teacher to have is being able to show you how to practice. Many mediocre teachers simply throw a lot of lesson materials at their students and assume they will work on them at home and get better. This puts pressure on you, the guitar student, to understand how to get better when it is not your job… it is theirs. A great guitar teacher on the others hand: shows you how to practice what they’ve taught you right there in the lesson. By doing this, they can know for sure that you will practice correctly at home. This ensures that you make fast results as long as you practice as they tell you to.

When you observe your guitar teacher (or any potential teacher), make sure they do the three things mentioned above. These things are all very important for your guitar playing progress. If your teacher does not do them, consider finding a new one who does. You’ll be glad you did when you are becoming a much better guitarist, much faster!