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 The Fretboard Memorization Deck

Master the fretboard on your own time.

Beautifully designed guitar flash cards that you can store in your guitar case, gig bag, backpack, laptop case or anywhere. Designed specifically and solely for guitar players who are looking to memorize & master their fretboard!


Finally a simple flash card system for guitar students and teachers to work on memorizing all the notes & most important fretboard shapes!

The Fretboard Memorization Deck will help you learn:

  • All the notes on all 6 strings.

  • All major scale patterns & pentatonic patterns.

  • The difference between Whole Notes, Half Notes, Eighth Notes, Quarter Notes, Sixteenth Notes, Triplets.

  • Recite the number of Sharps and Flats across every Key Signature.

  • All of the most used open chord and bar chord shapes.

  • All of your interval shapes without hesitation.

  • Some introductory theory topics.

What this deck is NOT!

The Fretboard Memorization Deck is not a music-reading study guide. This deck will not teach you notes on the staff, and it is not intended to. There are plenty of flash cards that are specifically for memorizing the notes on the music staff. This deck is for memorizing the notes on the Fretboard! However, there are some music-reading related items such as rhythmic notation symbols and various other important symbols.

As a guitar player, there are several areas of music theory that must be memorized and visualized on the fretboard. This deck is designed to help you quickly study & recall the most prominent shapes found on the fretboard, as well as some basic music theory.


  1. String Names

  2. Every Note & Its Position On The Fretboard

  3. Crucial Theory Symbols

  4. Intervals

  5. Essential Chord Shapes

  6. Basic Theory

  7. Essential Scale Shapes

  8. Every Key Signature

For Every Guitarist: Being uninformed of the guitar fretboard and how to navigate is probably the most frustrating aspect of improving your guitar playing after you’ve passed all the basics of being a beginner (learning how to strum, play some songs, etc). This deck is designed for you. This deck is so that you can take your current playing abilities to the next level. Sure there are plenty of YouTube videos out there that explain EVERYTHING, but they don’t do so in a condensed, no B.S. order. The Fretboard Memorization Deck has everything you need to push yourself to the next level, and for most people, it has enough information to last you a lifetime of guitar playing.

For Teachers: Being a full-time guitar teacher has revealed to me the drastic need for students to have a structured way of memorizing their fretboards. Time and time again I would find myself meeting students who have been playing for several years only to find out they have no clue what an eighth note is, what the symbol looks like, how it’s counted and most importantly how to use them in real music. In addition, students often don’t know the shapes for open chords, bar chords, the modes of the major scale and so on. This deck will help you assist your students in learning the critical shapes they need to know in order to become a well rounded guitarist. Flashcards are a time tested and proven method for memorizing just about everything.

  • Students can quiz each other or work independently.

  • Students can use the cards as quick reference guides for:

    • Working on soloing. Simply set up the scale card you are working on and get to work on finding different intervals/landing tones.

    • Practicing chords & Intervals

    • Memorizing Key Signatures

    • Practicing with a metronome.

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$23 - Fretboard Memorization Deck


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the quality of the flash cards?

    1. These guitar flash cards are the same size as casino playing cards.

    2. Made in the USA with premium cards stock.

    3. The finish is smooth, not linen.

  2. How many cards are there?

    1. 54 cards

  3. Can I return them?

    1. Unless a manufacturing defect is found, these cards cannot be returned once opened. The flash cards come in a cello wrap that once opened cannot be returned.

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