Tuned In Guitar Lessons

Call today for a FREE introductory guitar lesson and see how Richard is committed to helping you set and reach your guitar playing goals. Get ready to join a community of guitar players from Miami, FL 33183 who are just like yourself.

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Event Location

  • Date: (Saturday) June. 15, 2019<-----------------PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS

  • Time: 6PM-9:00PM

  • Location: Kendall Oasis Church (Teaching Building) 12450 SW 72 St. Miami, FL 33183

Optional Performance

If you would like to prepare something for the event, please do so ahead of time so you can be ready to perform. I really encourage everyone to take part in some type of performance, especially if you are a student of mine. You do not only have to play guitar, if you play another instrument or sing and want to perform with those instruments, please feel free to do so. No one at this event cares who is the best or worst guitarist in the room, so don't let that scare you. Everyone here wants to see you perform and WILL support you. I only care about helping YOU get BETTER at what you're doing.

I know exactly what it's like to be nervous or scared to perform, so you are not alone. But let me tell you what - If you let the fear of playing in front of others overcome you, nothing will change. We are all here to see you succeed so put those fears in the back seat and shoot for the stars. 


  • Rule #1: This is a private event and everyone who attends must be registered. Do not bring anyone without having them register on the main page. They will be turned away if they are not on the list.

  • Rule #2: Absolutely NO audio or video recordings please. You will be told when you are allowed to record.

  • Rule #3: Absolutely NO alcohol at the event itself.

  • Rule #4: Absolutely NO smoking at the event itself.

I look forward to seeing you at the event!

Richard Freeman - Instructor/Trainer