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Strumming 1

Chord Sheet Used - Print Here

Use the videos below to practice your chord changes and strumming patterns. If you have trouble switching every chord, then only play every other chord. This will help you start getting up to speed with your changes. Make sure you have fun and also really focus on making the chords ring out clearly.

Chord Progression 1

G/C/Am/D/G - G7/C/Em/B7/Em

Down Up Down

Chord Progression 2 -

Am/G/Dm/E7/A - D/E/B7/E/A

Down / Down Up Down / Down Up

Chord Progression 3

C/Am/D/G/A7 - D/C/Em/D/G

Down Up Down / Down Up Down

Strumming Pattern 3 - Fast


Down - Down Up - Up Down