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Songwriting Masterclass

Today I want to show you a method of songwriting that was a breakthrough for me and I hope it will do the same for you. There are endless ways to write a song and most guitarists have trouble when beginning to write their own songs. Most times we have sounds in our heads of what we want to hear but we just can't seem to get those sounds to come out of our guitars. We tend to use the trial and error approach, which does work but we usually end up taking countless hours, weeks, months or even years to finish our songs.

Music Theory can be a touchy subject for many guitar players. In the guitar playing world it has somehow become a normal expression to say things like "Music theory puts you in a box" or "You can't play with emotion if you use Music Theory". Statements such as these are very negative and in my experience, they are generally made by people who have absolutely no understanding or knowledge of Music Theory. My response generally to these types of people is this "So tell me, how creative are your fingers?”. The point is, your mind is creative, not your fingers. We shouldn’t depend on placing our fingers on random notes/chords and expect a song to magically appear.  

Once you have an understanding of the basic principles of intervals and the Major Chord Formula - It becomes easier to be creative with your mind and let your fingers follow behind.  

To assist you in this, I have provided each of you with the Key Signature Theory Card provided during the masterclass. This card will show you All Major Keys written out and their chords respectively. I understand this lesson may seem confusing for some of you at first, but we will thoroughly cover this topic during our lessons together. There is a large amount of valuable information provided in this lesson, so please watch this video as much as you need to in order to have everything sink in.  

I want you to understand that I gave you this lesson because I believe you will benefit greatly by learning this material. I also believe that this is 100% relevant & applicable for your current level on the guitar. Please have a piece of paper during this lesson and I want you to write down any and all questions that come to mind, and bring those questions with you to our next lesson together. 

In the video I will first explain the major key card. Please print it for reference.

Materials to print: