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Purchase Guitar Pro 6

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A great tool to enhance practicing your guitar is the Guitar Pro 6 program. This program allows you to playback the tablature/sheet music files that I will be sending you. It also allows you to speed up / slow down whole songs or just certain sections. You can also section off certain parts that you find challenging and repeat them as many times as you wish. I discovered this program when I was learning the guitar and it really helped to propel my learning. I find this program so useful that I have become an affiliate with the Arobas Music Company that makes Guitar Pro 6. 

If you decide you would like to purchase the program, please do so by using the icon link below, which will take you to the company's website. By using the icon link below, it will give me credit for referring you. 

Guitar Pro 6: chord diagram, digital tuner, guiitar fretboard

Guitar Pro 6 Tutorial

The Video and PDF below cover the basics that I feel you will need to navigate through Guitar Pro 6 as a beginner to the program. Using this program regularly WILL without a doubt do wonders to your guitar playing. Have fun &  I hope this helps!

Click Here For A PDF Tutorial