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Essential Riffs 1

Below are the audio files for this lesson. Take your time and try to work these out. There are some notes for playing each one under the audio file. Shown first are the video examples.

Time cuts are listed here:

  • 25 or 6 to 4 - 0:03
  • Come As You Are - 0:43
  • Enter Sandman - 1:18
  • Pretty Woman - 2:00
  • Paradise City - 2:45


  • This riff uses 2 note chords that are called "Power Chords". If you have trouble playing both notes, you can also play this riff by only playing the notes on the "E" string.

  • Use only your index and middle finger to play this entire riff.

  • This one's a bit tricky. I suggest using your Index for the note on the "D" string, while using your pinky on the note on the "A" string. Then you will play the remaining notes on the "E" string with your ring finger and middle finger. 
  • If it's too tough to play the way I noted above, see if you can work out a way to play this on your own.

  • Use your index and ring fingers to play this riff.

  • Use only your index, middle & ring fingers to play this riff.