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Bending / Vibrato

The audio files on this page are to be played along to the Bending/Vibrato pdf given during your lesson. A few things to remember when bending.

  1. Bends are one of the techniques that are unique to the guitar. They are one of the most influential attributes a guitarist can develop. 
  2. There are 2 main types of Bends:
    • Whole Step Bends(Distance of 2 Frets)
    • Half Step Bends (Distance of 1 Fret)
  3. Bend using either your Ring finger or Pinky. 
    1. t is MUCH more difficult to bend with your pointer or middle finger, especially on these exercises. 
    2. When using your ring finger to bend, you need to also use your pointer and middle fingers as  extra support & strength for the bend. DO NOT USE ONLY ONE FINGER TO BEND (EVER)
    3. When using your pinky to bend, you need to also use your pointer, middle & ring finger as extra support & strength for the bend. 
  4. Grip the neck of the guitar like its a bat, let your thumb really grab it. 
  5. Use your wrist to make a turning motion (like opening a door knob)  in order to push the strings up. Don't use all finger strength, it is a combination of turning the wrist and pushing with the fingers. 
  6. Remember to try and apply vibrato where possible. 
  7. Release your bends or hold them where necessary. 
  8. Use your ear to hear where the bend is, identify when it is incorrect and fix it!

Bend #1 - Whole Step Bends

Bend #2 - Half Step Bends

Bend #3 - Phrase 1

Bend #4 - Phrase 2

This exercise has 3 tempos because it is much more difficult than the previous ones. Start slow at 60 bpm and work your way up to 80bpm.