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2 Chord Backing Tracks

Below are several backing tracks which focus on changing between just 2 chords. These work well for training with your Open chords, Bar Chords & Improvisation. In order to begin building the muscle memory and ability to change cleanly between multiple chords, you need to first focus on just isolating 2 chords individually. Once you are able to make the jumps between these two chords, then you can begin adding on additional chords. 

For the first few sets of changes you see below, we are going to focus on using the "Anchor" chords first. These are the "A" "E" & "D" chords. On these changes, remember to keep your pointer finger down and use it as an anchor!


You will notice 2 audio files with pictures below of the arrangement. Some chords change on each measure. The second file holds each chord out for 2 measures. If you have trouble doing the quick changes, use the 2nd file that provides you with more time to think & prepare for each change. Have fun :)


1. D-A Changes

2. A-E (2 Bars for each chord)

2. A-E (One bar= quicker changes)

3. D-E Changes

4. Am-D Changes

4. Here's a faster version of Am-D

5. Am-E Changes

9. Dm-A Changes

13. A-G Changes

14. G-D Changes

26. B7-Em Changes

25. C-G Changes


18. Dm-G Changes (You can also use Dm7-G7) 

17. G-Em Changes