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Strumming 2

The strumming patterns in this section focus on 2 different aspects of technique:

  1. Bass-Note Hopping - This simply means we are plucking the bass notes before strumming through each chord. Rhythms 1 & 4 focus on this technique.  
  2. Strum Muting - This means we are stopping the chord from ringing out promptly after strumming it. Rhythms 2 & 3 focus on this technique. 

What I Want You To Do

Don't worry about playing along with the videos right away. First, use the videos to listen closely and get the beat of the rhythm. Once you have the rhythm in your head, watch the video again, but this time focus on the technique used in my strumming hand. Copy exactly what you see me doing. Play slow first, once you are able to groove on your own, then you can go back and try to play along with the videos. 

Rhythm 1

Rhythm 2

Watch the first video for a brief explanation of how to correctly strum this rhythm pattern.

Rhythm 3

Rhythm 4