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Quarter Note Strumming

The videos below are to be used as a training device to assist you in making smooth chord changes. The goal is to play through each of the 5 chord progressions without error and by knowing the chord names by memory. 

  1. Each chord receives 8 strums. We are not worried about doing fancy strumming patterns yet - Right now we want to separate our focus and only concentrate on the hand that is making the chord shapes. Once we get smooth at making the chords with our fretting hand, then we will add strumming patterns later. 
    1. Count each strum in your head 1-8. I also count the number of strums in the videos, but sometimes I don't say every number, this is where you need to continue counting.
    2. If you are unable to change every chord, then just play every OTHER chord until you are able to start changing chords more frequently.

Chord Progression 1

Chord Progression 2

Chord Progression 3

Chord Progression 4

Chord Progression 5

A More Difficult Challenge

Below are the chords used in this video. Each chord is only strummed 4x on this one, so please make sure that you write down and prepare for each chord you are going to play. Start out by playing every other chord. 

G / C / Am / D / G / Em / C / D / Am / C