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Drum Tracks

Take advantage of these drum tracks to jam along with during your practice routines. The metronome is located at the bottom of this page. Though playing with a metronome is very effective and a necessity, at times it may feel boring. If you ever feel bored using the metronome, please use the below drum tracks as a replacement. Some of these tracks are the same exact ones we use during our lessons together. I will continue to add different time signatures and rhythms to provide a wide range of uses. These tracks can be very useful for practicing techniques such as:

  • Chord changes
  • Scale patterns
  • Rhythm
  • Improvising
  • Picking
  • Soloing
  • Songwriting 

BPM = Beats Per Minute

4/4 Messy Rock Drums

4/4 Basic Drum Beat

4/4 Half Time Beat

This means the beat will feel like it is half of what is shown on the track

12/8 Blues Beat

3/4 Ballad Beat


To use the metronome, set the tempo using the graph on the right. To start the timer, click the little wind bar on the right of the metronome.

Metronome by BestMetronome.com