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Dani Rabin Improvisation & Practicing Masterclass 

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I am excited to announce a special private Improvisation & Practicing Masterclass with Virtuoso Guitarist Dani Rabin!

If you've never heard Marbin’s guitarist, Dani Rabin - Here's your chance. On January 28, 2019, you're not only going to get to see Dani play his incredibly melodic gypsy jazz music, you're going to get a chance to meet him, learn from him and pick his brain with any questions you might have. Check out the video below to hear the type of instrumental music Dani Rabin plays.

Event Details

Each Ticket Includes Masterclass, Signing & Meet/Greet


Do NOT wait to purchase your ticket, once all seats are gone, there WILL NOT be any further tickets sold! 

  • Date: (Monday) January 28, 2019

  • Time: 6:00PM-8:00PM

  • Location: Tuned In Guitar Lessons (Teaching building in back) 12450 SW 72 St. Miami, FL 33183

  • Registration $20 per person

A Powerful, One Of A Kind Event!

As a teacher, I am always looking for opportunities to inspire and motivate my students. Dani is an incredible player with never-ending passion for playing and teaching others his insights on guitar. As a band, Marbin has been putting out music since 2009. Marbin’s music is not the typical American Jazz that we often hear, instead they have elements of mid-eastern gypsy harmony and melodies in their music. As guitar players, we should always allow ourselves to be open to learning new styles and perspectives that can enhance our own playing. Having this type of openness helps us learn how to make our guitars sing. Dani does a great job of accomplishing this, and that is why I decided to reach out to Dani and set up this special class exclusively for Tuned In Guitar Lessons. He is going to come here and teach a masterclass on some of his personal approaches to learning guitar, writing music and improvising. I hope that this event will have a profound impact on your motivation, and take you on a new turn in your musical journey. THIS is what I want for you guys. I want you to be inspired by Dani and his playing, and to realize that with hard work, motivation and persistence - you guys can reach whatever level you desire on the guitar. 

Who Is This Event For?

  • This event is for ALL level guitar players. This means Beginner-Advanced guitarists will find this event extremely Educational, Motivating & Fun!

    • What if I just started playing guitar? This event is even more beneficial for you. Having the chance to meet a professional level touring musician who is an expert on the instrument you are learning is going to be extremely inspiring and valuable to you. This will help you put into perspective how your hard work can pay off.

  • This event if for MUSIC lovers, not just guitarists! Though there will be a portion of this event that is focused on Q&A and music application, Dani will also be playing some of his songs. So even if you want to come and just enjoy the music, you will find this to be a REALLY fun event.

  • This event is for guitarists who want to LEARN & IMPROVE their playing! Got a question to ask? You will have a chance to have it answered!

  • I can't stress enough the importance of attending an event like this.

Who Is This Event NOT For?

  • This event is not for children under 10 (unless they are a student of mine). Any other children under 10 will not be allowed into the event. (I even kick out my own daughter from my events! This is for YOUR benefit and I've found that keeping the younger children out of the event helps to make it even more beneficial)

  • This event is not for anyone who isn't interested in music, especially the guitar. People who love music & guitar will love this event, people who don't will find this event extremely boring.

More Music From Dani Rabin (Marbin)

Masterclass Sign Up Instructions

This event WILL SELL OUT! All pre-sale tickets are gone already! Please DO NOT wait to purchase tickets, once all seats are filled, this link will be closed down. 

  1. Be sure you write the name of every person attending the event in the text box on the following page.

  2. You can pay using credit card/debit card or ACH Banking information.

  3. There are no refunds if you are unable to attend the event for any reason.